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Numerous chatbot builders, but hard to find the chatbot that solves your core problem

Each industry has its own problem and they are all different. Your chatbot needs to be customized to solve each problem. With MakeBOT's problem solving skill that thinks in a user's perspective and with our own accurate NLP technology of average 90% response rate, it will be easy to define your business's core problem and make it more successful ever before.

The chatbots we make are not all the same. We create your bot by understanding your needs first.

  • Solution-centered

    Each problem needs each solution and they are not all the same. We solve your problem focusing on what value you will achieve.

  • Multi Platforms

    1 chatbot can be used in 5 different platforms and it enables users to approach into diverse channels with high accessibility.

  • Multi Languages

    Our employee's professional understanding of various fields enable us to create chatbots in diverse languages.

Beyond the age of the web and apps, now, it's the era of chatbots.

  • 0%

    Most users install 0 application in a month.

  • 90%

    Nearly 90% of users do not reopen the app.

  • 97%

    97% of users use chat service.

  • 85%

    From 2020, 85% of B2C communication will be done through A.I.


Korea no.1 airline's chatbot 'KALi'

  • Real-time ticket inquiry/ booking service


  • Deep learning-based natural language/context recognition


  • Personalized service like mileage/check-in



Global Entertainment Platform 'Weverse'

  • Designated industry-specific service for K-Pop fans


  • Switching languages in real-time


  • context recognition in three different languages


System Interlocking

MakeBOT's solution that fits on everywhere

Any field, any industry, MakeBOT's chatbot can work with every business system and find proper solution for you. Unlike the early chatbot that answers within the manually typed information, MakeBOT's chatbot gets infinite amount of information working together with your business and find what is the best way for the perfect solution.

emr, erp, crm, rpa , hrms, fintech, pms, etc.

MakeBOT's Service

Chatbot Trend Report

The better quality chatbot is drvien by the constant interest of the latest chatbot trend. Knowing why customers use chatbot or what problems they face is our know-how to decide the chatbot design direction. We'd like to share our knowledge with who are interested in the latest chatbot trend.

View Chatbot Trend Report

asia chatbot trend report

Why Asia?

Mobile phone messaging app user penetration in Asia-Pacific is about 70%(eMarketer, 2019), while the population in Asia reached about 4.6 B, accounting for 58% of the world population. Furthermore, according to our chatbot trend report, most people wanted to solve their simple inquiries through ‘message apps (47.8 percent)’ or ‘call service centers.'

This means that 3.22B out of 4.6B has used mobile phone messaging apps, and this is why we should focus on introducing the ‘In-App chatbot solution’ in Asia.

High accessibility is the key for your successful business

A limited choice of channels may loses an opportunity to make your business successful. However, with MakeBOT's multi selection, only one chatbot is needed to use 5 different channels.

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MakeBOT's intuitive solution

To adapt yourself to rapidly changing business circumstance and to catch the fast speed of increasing data, having chatbot builder with excellent learning ability is required. MakeBOT's easy-to-use chatbot builder increases working speed and produces elaborate quality of chat scenario.

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Make the first with us

Transportation, airline, customer service, financial, digital marketing, etc... Clients with diverse industries background prove the passion of our needs to connect all the people around the world. We always has challenged ourselves to discover what is behind the uncharted path. We understand your needs, and pain points first to find out the better solution for you.

  • korean air

  • weverse

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  • kakaoT

  • Shinsegae

  • Yonsei University

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