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There are numerous chatbot builders, but it is difficult to find one that gets to the root of the problem

Every industry has its own unique set of challenges. To solve these problems, every chatbot needs to be customized. Makebot’s ability to assess these weaknesses along with the chatbot’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology makes it even easier to define and solve these problems.

Chatbots made by Makebot are not all the same. We create chatbots based on your needs.

  • Solution Oriented

    Each company has different values and needs to address. We work with clients to tackle problems head-on while maintaining their company values.

  • Multi-Platform

    One chatbot can be used on up to five different platforms. This allows users to access the chatbot easily.

  • Multilingual

    Our employees’ diverse set of knowledge and skills enables us to create chatbots in multiple languages.

Beyond the Limits of AI:the Era of Chatbots is Upon Us

  • 0%

    Most smartphone users download zero apps per month

  • 90%

    Almost 90% of smartphone users do not reopen the apps they download

  • 97%

    97% of smartphone users use an instant messaging app

  • 85%

    Starting in 2020, 85% of B2C communication will be conducted via AI


Korea’s No. 1 Airline’s Chatbot: KALi

  • Check flight information and use various booking services


  • Recognizes the context of different situations


  • Check available mileage points or check in for flight



Global Entertainment Platform:'Weverse'

  • Global service for Kpop fans around the world


  • Multilingual services available for users


  • Accurately answers FAQ users may have


System Integration

Makebot’s Customized Chatbots Suit the Needs of Every Industry

No matter the industry, the chatbots offered by Makebot can find the perfect solution for your unique set of challenges. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and automated technology, Makebot’s chatbots can help decrease the need to do mundane day-to-day tasks.

emr, erp, crm, rpa , hrms, fintech, pms, etc.

Makebot’s Report

Chatbot Trend Report

The best quality chatbots are created when well versed on the latest industry trends. Knowing why and how people use chatbots helps with the creative process when designing and building a chatbot. You can view the latest chatbot trends within Asia.

View Chatbot Trend Report

asia chatbot trend report

Why Asia?

Mobile phone messaging app user penetration in Asia-Pacific is about 70%(eMarketer, 2019), while the population in Asia reached about 4.6 B, accounting for 58% of the world population. Furthermore, according to our chatbot trend report, most people wanted to solve their simple inquiries through ‘message apps (47.8 percent)’ or ‘call service centers.'

This means that 3.22B out of 4.6B has used mobile phone messaging apps, and this is why we should focus on introducing the ‘In-App chatbot solution’ in Asia.

Easy Accessibility Is the Key to Success

Integration into a limited amount of platforms may decrease business performance.However, using Makebot’s services, you can integrate one chatbot into multiple platforms.

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Makebot’s Innovative Solution

To adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and analyze incoming data quickly, having a chatbot builder that can learn quickly is required. Makebot’s easy-to-use chatbot builder increases work efficiency while producing realistic and engaging chatting scenarios. webpage layout

Build a Chatbot with Us

Our diverse clientele shows our passion to connect with different companies around the world. By understanding the needs and wants of our clients, we can help clients communicate better with customers and push their businesses forward.

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