Chatbot for
Academic Institutions

Accelerate the future of higher education - non-stop support
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Education l Yonsei University


Provides FAQ for library facilities
and academic services


Guides on how to write a thesis


Provides information and contact
details of majorbr departments at the
Educational Research Information Institute

Easily receive answers to inquiries and FAQ
using Makebot’s chatbot

Education l Hanyang University


Can customize information based
on each student’s login information


Provides personalized information
based on campus and degree


Displays information and guides
on the school cafeteria facilities such as
menu options, meal plans, and location

Customize information given depending
on a student's login information width
Hanyang University's chatbot

Campus Guide

Not all universities are able to provide students with a campus tour guide that is available 24/7. However with a chatbot campus guide, students can figure out where they are at all times.

School Announcements

With a chatbot, students can be easily and quickly informed about updates that are going around campus. If chatbots are placed on instant messaging apps, the chances of the announcement being read are higher.

Assignment Instructions

Since students have a lot on their plates, it can be difficult for them to pay attention during lectures while taking notes on assignments. Professors can set up chatbots so that students can review assignment details.

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