Makebot, your all-in-one solution chatbot
Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Makebot provides around the clock accessibility
for consumers and responses in real-time.

Makebot’s AI-based Chatbot provides seamless
communication, maximizing customer
and increasing customer retention.
According to Makebot’s Chatbot Trend Report,
customers prefer to
communicate whenever,
wherever they want.
Makebot has been able to maximize customer

satisfaction because of the immediacy and easy
accessibility of its chatbots.

Makebot’s Advanced Chatbots

The chatbots offered by Makebot can work on
various platforms.

They work on an array of instant messaging apps
such as Facebook Messenger, Kakaotalk,

WhatsApp, and Line. In addition, Makebot has
experience providing customized solutions

to different industries.
Makebot’s chatbots also have multilingual
functionalities, allowing users
to communicate
in several languages.

Chatbots That Easily Adapt

The chatbots offered by Makebot adapt easily to
different situations.

To adapt to rapidly changing business
circumstances, and to analyze data from users,
chatbots are a necessity.

Makebot's 'easy-to-use' chatbot builder system
not only increases productivity,
but also
decreases operational costs.