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Makebot provides personalized services
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Finance l Shinhan Saving Bank


Check loan status in real-time


Request loans in real-time


Get counseling on savings accounts


Verify personal information

With Shinhan’s chatbot, request and
loans in real-time conveniently

Insurance l MetLife


Pay for insurance fees


Issue virtual accounts


Modify contract details


Receive an instant response to inquiries

Using MetLife’s chatbot, users can not
pay for insurance fees, but also
issue virtual
accounts and more.

Pay Easily

It can be a hassle for users to pay for insurance fees online. However, using Makebot’s insurance chatbot, users can effortlessly pay their insurance fees.

Check Loan Statuses

With the amount of loans some people have, it can be difficult to check up on each one. However, with Makebot’s chatbot, users can quickly and easily check up on their loan statuses.

Customer Education

Makebot’s insurance chatbots can educate customers on how each insurance policy works, compare policies, and selects the best one for customers.

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