E-Commerce Chatbot

Redefine the shopping experience:
Makebot’s ecommerce chatbot
makes it easier for consumers to purchase products

E-Commerce l CJ O Shopping


Able to buy as seen on tv products via chatbot


Can track and return products


Uses a sophisticated system that
can process orders and payments

Easily make returns, simplify the check-out
process, and personalize the customer
experience process using one of Makebot’s
e-commerce chatbots.

Customized Experience

An e-commerce chatbot can help answer customer inquiries in a human-like fashion and recommend products based on a customer’s personal preference.

Simplified Check-Out

With only a few taps on a phone, customers can easily make payments using the chatbot on their favorite instant messaging app.

Easy Returns

It can be a hassle for customers to return items. Sometimes, they have to go to the store in person and return the item. However, with a chatbot, with just one tap, customers can make returns easily.

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