Chatbot for
Public Institutions

With Makebot’s customized chatbot,
customer inquires can be
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Public Institutions

Independence (Memorial)
Hall of Korea

KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation)

Provides PPA information based on the energy efficiency improvement project

KOSPO (Korea Southern Power Co. LTD)

Displays public announcements, employment opportunities,
visiting applications, and more

KREB (Korea Real Estate Board)

Provides users with information on
different types of subscriptions

Independence (Memorial) Hall

Offers information on facilities, times of operation, camping sites,
and different events held

Assistance Anytime

With Makebot’s chatbot, users do not have to wait to obtain the information they are looking for. Unlike human staff, public institution chatbots are available around the clock.

Reach More Users

Public institution chatbots can reach more users in a shorter period of time. The chatbots also help with answering questions that regular associates may not be able to answer.

Human-Level Touch

The chatbots Makebot provides engages with users on a human like level. Rather than talking to a bot, users will feel like they are interacting with a human.

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