Healthcare Chatbot

Using the healthcare chatbots Makebot has to offer, users can easily
book appointments with their favorite healthcare providers

Formiz Women’s Hospital
Maypure Clinic


Allows users to book appointments in real-time


Provides various medical services depending on user needs


Displays medical staff and hospital information

Address booking related concerns with
Makebot’s healthcare chatbot

Make Bookings Easily

It can be an inconvenience for patients to make bookings. Whether it be making bookings through phones or online, this process can be cumbersome. This process can be simplified with a chatbot.

Efficient Human Labor

By handling mundane and time-consuming tasks, Makebot’s healthcare chatbots can help employees utilize their time more effectively and efficiently.

Find Necessary Information

Makebot’s healthcare chatbots can display the correct information patients need depending on their medical history.

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