Multimedia Chatbot

Multilingual chatbot from Makebot brings
users closer
to their favorite
artists and musicians

Entertainment l
Weverse & Weverse Shop


Provides a detailed FAQ page for users


Can figure out how much shipping costs are


Allows users to use the chatbot services in three different languages

Weverse’s chatbot is one of the largest

entertainment based chatbots
in the world,
with over 1.5 million
users worldwide.

Easy Access to Information

Weverse’s chatbot helps users save time by allowing them to have easy access to information without navigating through a website or downloading a separate app to browse.

Broadcast Information

Using the chatbot offered by Makebot, entertainment companies can broadcast any announcements or new information to a wide, international user base.

Control Content

A chatbot can control the information it broadcasts to its users. This function can be used to avoid information overload and allow users to only see information that is necessary.

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