Hospitality Chatbot

The possibilities and benefits
are seemingly endless.

Here are some examples of what our chatbot
can do for your hospitality business:


Streamlines the booking process


Allows users to see what amenities are available


Check-in and check-out seamlessly

Our chatbot can do this and much more!
Feel free to contact us to customize a chatbot according to your needs

Conveniently Book

It can be difficult for customers to make bookings. From booking online to booking via an app, all of this can be a hassle. With a chatbot, this whole process can be simplified.

Check-in and Check-out

Using Makebot’s hospitality chatbot, check-in and check-out seamlessly. With just the click of a button, there is no need to worry about interacting with an associate.

Check Amenities

Without the hassle of having to ask an associate or look online, check what amenities are available using the chatbots made by Makebot.

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